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08.11.2017 10:47 Age: 4 yrs

Tresky GmbH presents the new T-6000-L/G

Immediately after Tresky GmbH gained the production rights from the Dr.Tresky AG the company started with the revision of the current machine portfolio. It quickly became clear that the T-Series must undergo some significant changes. With the already existing and experienced team of the Tresky GmbH the T-6000-L’s technical structure was completely revised. To improve the kinematics of the machine the first step was replacing the aluminium gantry with a massive granite gantry. To improve the machine throughput it was also decided to make substantial changes to the controllers and the control processes. To also allow complete automation the development team also added a lifter- and indexing system. The Tresky GmbH will preset the new machine during the Productronica 2017.