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DIE Bonding - Applications

Versatile Applications for Today's and Tomorrow's Key Technologies

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DIE bonding, also known as DIE attachment or chip bonding, is used in various applications to attach semiconductor chips (DIEs) to substrates or carrier materials.

The use of DIE bonding varies depending on the industry and application area. It is a key technology used in a wide range of electronic products and systems. DIE bonding enables compact, reliable and high performance electronic assemblies that are omnipresent in our modern world.
Tresky Halbleiterindustrie

Semiconductor Industry

DIE bonding is a key process in the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs) and microchips. By means of different bonding solutions, DIEs are placed on substrates. This ensures flawless electrical and mechanical connections.
Tresky Elektronikfertigung

Electronics Manufacturing

In the electronics industry, DIE bonding is used to assemble semiconductor chips in various electronic devices and assemblies. This includes applications in cell phones, computers, televisions, cameras and many other electronic products.
Tresky Medizintechnik


DIE bonding is also used in medtech to produce compact and reliable electronic assemblies for medical devices such as implantable pacemakers, diagnostic equipment and medical imaging systems.
Tresky Automobilindustrie

Automotive Industry

More and more semiconductor components are being used in modern vehicles. DIE bonding is crucial for the production of control units, sensors and other electronic components in vehicles.
Tresky Luft-Raumfahrttechnik

Aviation and Aerospace Technology

In the aviation and aerospace industry, electronic assemblies and components are often exposed to extreme conditions. Reliable DIE bonding is therefore of great importance to ensure that the electronics also operate under extreme temperatures and vibrations.
Tresky Telekommunikation


DIE bonding techniques are used in telecommunications equipment such as cellular base stations and satellite communications systems to mount high frequency and power electronics components.
Tresky Optoelektronik


In optoelectronic applications, such as optical communication systems and laser diodes, DIE bonding is used to mount optoelectronic components and ensure that they are precisely aligned.
Tresky Sensorik


The production of sensors used in a wide range of applications often requires DIE bonding to securely position the sensitive sensor elements on the substrate.