Air Bearing Bond Head

With the air-bearing bond head for force-controlled placement of highly sensitive components, we have developed a groundbreaking tool for future semiconductor production, because the advancing miniaturisation in the electronics industry means that newly developed semiconductor chips must become ever smaller and thinner. This leads to enormous challenges in chip bonding in assembly and connection technology, as the materials required for this are becoming increasingly sensitive.

In order to realise minimal touchdown forces during bonding, we offer an air-bearing bond head that enables a backlash- and friction-free vertical movement when placing the chip. The air bearing is kept in a floating state by vacuum or compressed air and is controlled by a proportional valve that can operate from vacuum to atmospheric pressure. The bond head detects changing weights and can thus maintain the floating state at all times.

The air-bearing bond head can be integrated into all DIE bonders from our company.

Vibrating feeder

By means of vibration technology, our vibrating feeder feeds components, which are delivered as bulk material, to the processing process. The feeder is designed in such a way that the components are positioned in a vibrating, small open container in such a way that the head camera clearly and precisely recognises the individual components and automatically transmits the XY coordinates to the bonding head. At the same time, the vibrations position them so that the top of the component faces upwards.

The vibrating feeder can be integrated into all DIE bonders from our company.

Component Feeders

Whether our vibrating feeder for bulk material, standard SMD feeder for strapped components, waffle pack or JEDEC tray feeder, we can integrate a wide variety of component feeders into our DIE Bonder. This way, we not only guarantee a high degree of flexibility, but also enable a maximum economic feeding process of the components in the manufacturing of your products.

Wafer Handling System

The Wafer Handling System is a precise and reliable wafer feeder that can pick up 300 mm wafers with a maximum weight of up to 1 kg. Vacuum, edge and custom end effectors are available to the end user for pick-up. A pre-align function can be integrated as an option.

The Wafer Handling System can be integrated into all DIE bonders from our company.

Stamping module

Many applications require a connection medium between chip and substrate. This can be necessary for mechanical stability, electrical contacting or for better soldering.

During stamping, a stamp transfers a liquid or paste-like medium, such as flux, adhesives or solder paste, onto a substrate or component surface.

In contrast to a dispenser, the medium does not flow through a needle onto a defined surface; instead, the stamping tool transfers the medium onto the substrate or another carrier according to its geometry. Stamping tools are also called pin transfer or pad printing tools.

The tools are available in many different geometries and designs, e.g. with a cross, a star, a single dot or even as a multiple pin grid.

Stamping is very precise, can transfer different shapes and realise very small dots.

The stamping modules can be integrated into all DIE bonders from our company.