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DIE Bonder
for R&D and Production

Made in Germany

Our new white paper regarding pressure-assisted metallic sintering in power electronics is now available for download.

Sintering Technology for Electromobility and Power Electronics

Packages with high-performance semiconductors are key components for the energy transition and e-mobility. For this reason, we have been working on the sintering process for manufacturing this key technology for some time.


Rework of LED-DIEs

LED DIEs can be easily and successfully removed with a Tresky Automation system in the rework configuration.  The removal takes place without damaging adjacent LED DIEs and affecting the solder and its environment.

For the debonding process the scrubbing function can be used, which has been modified to break the adhesion between the LED DIE and the solder using the heating temperature. After the LED DIE is separated from the solder, a tool picks it up.


Vibrating Feeder

By means of vibration technology, our vibrating feeder feeds components, which are delivered as bulk material, to the processing process. The feeder is designed in such a way that the components are positioned in a vibrating, small open container in such a way that the head camera clearly and precisely recognizes the individual components and automatically transmits the XY coordinates to the bonding head.

We Develop, Produce and Distribute Bonders

The semiconductor market points the way for many other markets and is therefore constantly changing. Thanks to our modular and flexible machine concept, combined with our numerous innovative options, we enable our customers to react quickly to new technologies, product requirements and new market situations.

Latest News and Events

Find out about the latest news and upcoming events from Tresky in the field of DIE bonding technology.


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