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Precision for Complex Bonding

Granite-Based Precision

The T-7000 machine platform has been developed for use in nanoelectronics and optoelectronics due to its precision. As is standard at Tresky, the bonder platform is based on granite, so that the highest possible precision can be guaranteed for optical components such as VCSELs, lasers, photodiodes, IR sensors or for the development of quantum technologies.

Technical Data

Working Area with Wafer Table 500 mm x 700 mm
Possible Wafer Sizes up to 8” (ring & frame)
Travelling Range Z-axis 100 mm
Tool Rotation Max. up to 360°
Bond Force Range 0.01 N – up to 300 N *
Axis Speed up to 2.0 m/sec
Positioning Accuracy < 1.0 μm @ 3 sigma
Axis Resolution XYZ: 0.001 μm, theta: 0.005°
Min/Max. Chip Size smaller than 0.05 mm
Acceleration up to 2.5 G

* higher bond forces on request

Leader in Micro-Assembly

Technological miniaturisation and functional integration in microelectronics and optoelectronics are essential for future-oriented product innovations. Micro-assembly and assembly and connection technology play a crucial role in the realization of these technological innovations in new and marketable products.

We have developed the T-7000 to successfully realize these requirements. The platform offers sub-micron placement accuracy, a  travel range of 500 x 700 mm and a bonding head with minimum bonding forces of up to 0.01 N. On customer request, the bonding force range can be optionally increased to 100 N, 300 N or 500 N.

This model covers all common bonding technologies.


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