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Custom Service: DIE Bonding Prototyping and the Production of Small Series

We are one of the world’s leading machine manufacturers for placement systems in the high-precision sector with 40 years of experience in the semiconductor market.

Our new white pager regarding pressure-assisted metallic sintering in power electronics is now available for download.

In the prototyping phase, when producing small series or batch size 1, many companies hesitate to invest in their own DIE-Bonder. Often the final design process has not yet been completed, so that downstream changes to the product or even the manufacturing processes are possible.

Nevertheless, there is often a desire to have these prototypes and small series produced as quickly as possible and without any loss of quality. We will gladly take over this service for you! With a great deal of technical know-how and our many years of experience, we can take over the production of prototypes and small series for you from the first piece onwards on our systems.

Our service supports you especially in reducing the time-to-market. As an external partner, we can quickly produce small batches on demand without you having to build up production capacities, use existing resources or even interrupt series production.

As a result, you will not only receive the products you want, but we will also show you the performance capability of our DIE bonders and their reliable process options based on the production process. You will receive an individual demonstration, including a production record, which can simplify your machine decision for a later series production.

Reduction of time-to-market
Proof of performance
External production capacity
No disruption to customer series production

Process Development

We provide process development for various bonding technologies from manual production to semi-automated or fully automated production solution.

Process know-how is the key to achieve the shortest time to market for your product. Our Application Engineers are having specialist knowledge to support you  with the best solution.

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