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Versatility and Accuracy

The Art of Engineering

The T-8000-G DIE bonder is the result of continuous engineering development and offers a larger working area in which 12-inch wafers can be processed. The bonding system combines precision with versatility and speed based on a generously sized granite gantry that allows for maximum accuracy. Thus, the T-8000-G is designed for current and future challenges.

Technische Daten

Travel Range with Wafer590 mm x 560 mm
Wafer Sizes2” – 12” (ring & frame)
Travelling Range w/o Wafer740 mm x 560 mm
Z-Movement120 mm
Chip Rotation max.up to 360°
Bond Force Range0.01 N – bis zu 100 N *
Axis Speedup to 1.8 m/sec
Positioning Accuracy2.5 μm @ 3 sigma
Axis ResolutionXYZ: 0.001 μm, theta: 0.005°
Min/Max. Chip Sizesmaller than 0.05 mm

* higher bond forces on request

From Prototype to Production

Based on the solid granite chassis, equipped with linear motors and high-resolution direct measuring systems, the machine offers the largest working range within the product portfolio as well as the best bonding performance in the market. In addition, the T-8000-G is compatible with numerous existing as well as custom-made options and offers the most versatile process possibilities. The bonder can handle any application in assembly and connection technology and combines precision, versatility and speed. Due to its flexibility and modularity, the T-8000-G can be used for prototyping as well as for series production. The manual mode enables fast bonding results without programming.

This model covers all common bonding technologies.

Solve the equation: * 8 +  = 8


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