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Manual mode

Manual mode - maximum control and flexibility

Discover the unmatched flexibility of our Die Bonder’s manual mode – perfect for research and development where adaptability and precision are key. With just three clicks, you can identify components and substrates without the need to program time-consuming automated processes. This gives you quick, easy and repeatable handling, ideal for prototype development and small production volumes.

Simplicity meets efficiency

Operators can set up a pick-and-place process in minutes without extensive training. Select components visually, use pre-defined dispense patterns from our library and effortlessly add force and heating profiles. Multiple components can be selected at the same time and processed efficiently with the same parameters.

Fast and reproducible

The manual mode dramatically reduces the entry barrier for new operators and enables reliable results to be achieved in the shortest possible time. Ideal for situations where quick iterations and adjustments are crucial.

Fully automated production readiness

In addition to our user-friendly manual mode, our die bonders also offer a fully automated mode optimized for higher production volumes. This mode supports complex, repeatable processes that can be seamlessly integrated into your production line to ensure continuous, efficient and scalable production.

Our Die Bonders are your solution for flexible, precise and efficient prototype development – without the complexity and cost of conventional fully automated systems. Experience how our manual mode revolutionizes your product development and how our fully automated capabilities take your production to the next level.