Market Solutions


Managing DIE bond solutions for High Frequency Microwave Applications, Deep Housing Power Amplifiers as well as delicate GaN/GaAS devices is demanding for any DIE bond equipment manufacturer. However, TRESKY‘s automated DIE bonder product line has several unique technology solutions that favor the successful assembly of these technology leading applications. more


TRESKY‘s Die Bonder product line is well suited to provide comprehensive solutions for the Opto-electronic industry. Offering application flexibility including Epoxy Die Attach, Eutectic Die Attach, Flip Chip and UV cure solutions. TRESKY offers assembly solutions for Laser Diodes, Lens Assembly, Disk Drive Slider Assembly, Fiber Optic Assembly and MEMS applications.


The Medical Industry demands the highest level of accuracy, consistency and reliability of all its production equipment. Implantable devices for the human body have no room for failure and TRESKY engineers understand this critical industry. For this reason the TRESKY Die Bonders offer the flexibility and the critical controls required within the Medical Industry.


The complexity of today‘s automotive electronics places new demands on the micro-electronic industry to provide robust solutions. This places unprecedented demands on the quality of assembly and the consistency of the die bond results. Bond line thickness and planarity are key items during the manufacturing process. TRESKY understands this industry and its critical needs thus the Die Bonders are designed to provide solutions within volume production.