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Bonding Options

Air Bearing Bond Head

With the air-bearing bond head for force-controlled placement of highly sensitive components, we have developed a groundbreaking tool for future semiconductor production, because the advancing miniaturisation in the electronics industry means that newly developed semiconductor chips must become ever smaller and thinner. This leads to enormous challenges in chip bonding in assembly and connection technology, as the materials required for this are becoming increasingly sensitive.

In order to realise minimal touchdown forces during bonding, we offer an air-bearing bond head that enables a backlash- and friction-free vertical movement when placing the chip. The air bearing is kept in a floating state by vacuum or compressed air and is controlled by a proportional valve that can operate from vacuum to atmospheric pressure. The bond head detects changing weights and can thus maintain the floating state at all times.

The air-bearing bond head can be integrated into all DIE bonders from our company.